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Spotted: Wollaton

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Another Local Notts Blog-News!

Wilford Village is just over the River Trent and in a little chaos because of the Tramworks!!
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More Blogs please

An infographic (a picture) will be posted soon to show how our local internet is becoming connected – the joined up writing concept – its taken a while from the first Windows 95 office computers with internet access – but the industry has snowballed and we don’t want to be left behind – we were of course one of the foremost telecommunications communities in the UK when Plessey Telecoms were located in Beeston!! We still have lots of National and International companies and the local council, MPs obviously and small enterprises.

Ordinary communities contribute to the global internet phenomenon – but if we could focus on the local area, and maybe the regional  ‘cobweb’ effect of networking and promoting in a small way becomes practical – we have lots of creative people and they are competent without needing to be super professional from home – we can of course leave that to our multinational expert business residents!

The idea here with this small blog is to promote information – just a single link or a series of links built up into categories and tags that evolve, links to Local Bloggers and creative internet folk – and news – any groups who have set up websites or blogs or photo sites please send your link to your blog if you are interested, or your twitter or flickr address so it can be included.

Any Community groups please send links and information to be included in the WollatonCommunityinfo wordpress

There are many types of blogging and website creation – some for businesses and some for creativity and some for information.  We welcome any link that’s relevant to the local people/residents and falls within the acceptable use code.

Lots of residents have their own Facebook and twitter creations

There are lots of Nottingham and local area business or charity Facebook sites and Twitters – some about events in Nottingham, the Music scene, places to visit, Theatres and Plays for example – lots of these can be found on

Our small area has about five community centre’s – with lots of groups and activities.

We have lots of sports happening in the local area.

We have lots of schools with really creative students making excellent websites and photo sites as well as their own facebooks!

There are art groups, slimming groups, dance groups – and community events, family history groups – happenings at the local library.

It would be quite cool to be able to find all this info in one place!

The Splendour Festival puts us (Wollaton)  on the UK music map – but they have copyright to their promotional material, The Tour of Britain cycled through our park – but they have lots of promotional copyright too – there is an International Watersports Centre just south of Nottingham with lots of events run by the County Council and lots of greenspaces – and of course we have the Nottingham Arena.  These professional websites are out of the league of the ordinary small individual – or are they? Everyone starts somewhere!

If we start small for our students – who knows who they could be working for – or what kind of business they could create in a few years time!!

This post needs lots of artwork and a less wordy focus – and the blog needs its acceptable use policy page!

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Wollaton Community Info


& trying blogspot! to have the name on google!

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Wollaton Vale Blog is now Wollaton Community Info!!

But its not simple to change the name – well not in a hurry anyway – watch this space!

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It seems the Council want to build on more Green Belt near Bramcote

For info

Bramcote Today (Original Site)

We attach a statement from Antony Calvert, Director of the Building Centre, Agents for Peveril Homes :

‘The Planning Inspector has endorsed the west of Toton Lane site  in order to deliver much needed homes in Browtowe at an early stage to support the 5 year housing supply in its emerging Local Plan. We very much welcome this but are concerned by the council supporting a previously discounted option extending housebuilding on far more sensitive green belt land running up to Bramcote’.

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